Your Table Setting

I took pictures of the table runner and napkins that you made for me. I think the set up is beautiful!! Grampa likes it, too.

Dining room table set with table runner and napkins designed by Denise

Table runner and napkins designed by Denise

A shot from other side of table

It is soooooo lovely and colorful. I am leaving it set up like this for a while!

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Everyone born before November 22, 1963 knows where they were that day.

Well, of course people who were born that day would know where they were. Those born from November 22, 1959 to November 21, 1963 probably would not.

Here I am assuming that someone 4 years old would remember. But what do I know? I am not an expert in these things.

At the time, I had two children. Donald was 7 and Debbie was 6 years old. They had a day off from school for Parent/Teacher conferences. My very best friend in the whole wide world was taking care of them that day so I could go to the conference at our local very small school. She also had the care of my youngest child Denise who was born in August 1962 and has no memory of that day.

This is a good place to explain Christine. On this day in 1963 she had just turned 17 years old the week before. I don’t know why she had a day off from high school. At that time she was more like a younger sister. I could depend on her to baby sit, but at times she could be annoying. Anyone with a younger sister will know what I’m talking about. (She is 65 now and is my BFF) We have actually known each other 54 years. Much longer than any of my three marriages lasted.

So, Christine was there with my three little angels. I attended the conference, discovered that Debbie and Donald’s teachers thought they were the best children they had ever taught. They were smart and adorable. All of this I knew. I had to take time for this and miss “As The World Turns”?

The conference being over, I drove home. Christine was waiting on the front steps. “They have taken ATWT off right in the middle of some critical event in Lisa and Bobs lives. I can’t believe they would do that!”  I asked if she knew why. “Something about shots being fired at President Kennedy’s motorcade in Texas.”

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I’m posting every day/week for the rest of 2011!!

I want to write my life story for my children and grandchildren. I hope this will keep me focused. I intend to just write, believing no one will read it or care how I write it. and by January 1, 2012 I hope to have a better idea of how I will write it seriously. i think this will be a wonderful exercise and help in getting me focused.

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Newfoundland August 1 to 7, 2011

An absoloutely beautiful country. Huge rugged mountains and deep blue lakes that were dug out and built up by the ice bergs that moved over that part of the world during the Ice Age.  There are tablelands that were pushed up between continents and formed different striations in the rocks. Ice bergs flattened the tops of the mountains to form the tablelands.

I’m just going to show all the pictures I took of the area. You can read the history of Labrador/Newfoundland on the internet!!

Our hosts on this trip were dear friends who winter with us in Florida. They are John and Alma, and Stan and Thelma. They made us feel right at home, feed us too much, took us on day trips to take in all the beautiful scenery. But they could not find a Moose for our viewing pleasure.

We were Screeched and are now honorary Newfies. It is indeed an honor and of course not given to just anyone. Pictures to follow. But first, the beauty of Bonne Bay and surrounding areas.

Alma, Inukshuk and me

We feasted on lobster.

We were ‘Screeched’. It is a ceremony where somewone from Florida, if they know the right people, can become honorary Newfies.

Dawn and her dad Charlie. She performed the 'Screechin' ceremony

Kissin the Cod"

We did it! We are nonofficial Newfies.

A shot o' Screech

An amazing act of nature we had never seen. Salmon swimming up stream to spawn in the very place they were hatched.

Rapids where salmon swim up river to spawn

That tiny black speck to the right is a salmon swimming up over the rapids.Beautiful Newfoundland. We were blessed to be there. Thank you John and Alma,Thelma and Stan.

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Our Trip to Ontario and Newfoundland

George and Lu Willson, our hosts in Hawkstone, Ont.


Geo and Rog at the Big Chute water railway.


These pictures show the marine railway in operation. It is a part of the Trent-Severn system which stretches from Lake Ontario to Georgian  Bay.



marine railway ready to unload boats

boats going into marine railway conveyance

Down the Big Chute and into the Severn River


This was the most amazing thing we had ever seen. The marine railway car could hold 6 yachts. It came up over the road and slipped down the other side where it went flat into the water again and the boats were able to sail out and go on their way. Then it took on another load and did the same thing in reverse. I understand from all this one could travel from there to Florida and beyond by water. Awesome!!


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More redecorating—

left side of kitchen

“new” kitchen. cupboards painted my favorite shade of green

door of refrig

Mediteranean oil we found in a consignment shop

It has been fun doing these projects. I should have taken a picture of the ceiling. Grampa painted it and it looks brand new! Our next job will be decorating our bed room and the guest room. I’m going to go back to the sea shell theme in the guest room. Maria, you do not need me to redo your home. As I remember it was perfect!

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Redecorating our home.

Newly painted carport

This doesn’t show the color very well. It is aqua. the white stipes are actually masking tape. After applying the tape he sprayed aqua that had been mixed with white and after that sprayed black–very fine spray so the coloros appear as tiny dots. the black brings out the colors.

furniture pulled away from walls and covered with sheets

We lived like this for days while Grampa painted ceilings and I painted walls. As you will see, it was worth it.

The final brush stroke!

The old valances are gone

The New Living Room

New Dining Area

We are very happy with our new colors. The ceilings look brand new. Now we are looking for a very large print of Tuscan area in Italy to hang where the quilt was. Also looking for chairs with brighter colors in the living room. let me know how you like it. Love Mom

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